Damp Proofing

We provide a comprehensive range of damp proofing services to ensure complete damp-proofing for your property or commercial premises.  We identify the cause and provide a permanent damp proofing solution.

If you have recently noticed an unpleasant musty smell, signs of mold on walls, dark or wet patches inside your property, you may have a damp or condensation problem.

Without an adequate damp proofing system in place, it could potentially damage the fabric of the building.

Damp issues in properties:

  • Breached damp course
  • Rainwater coming through a leaky roof
  • Blocked guttering
  • Poorly fitted doors and windows
  • Leaky pipes on the outside of your property
  • Driveways with steep inclines towards the front of a property

All of these and more will, at some point, cause damp.

The beauty of our company is that we can help you with all your damp worries and any remedial work that is required following any works carried out including rendering and plastering.  No liaising with other contractors, all damp proofing and damp proofing repairs at PR Henry Builder are carried out in-house.

If damp proofing is required inside your property, once we have rectified the damp issue, we can then provide plastering services to complete the finish.

Any external damp-proofing and repairs particularly structural brickwork repairs and rendering are our speciality.

Services We Offer:

Damp Course Failure

If your existing slate damp course has failed at ground level, we can cut back render down low but high enough to eliminate the existing breach over the damp course.  If the area requires a damp-proof injection, we can also do this for you and render the required areas to leave a flawless finish with our in house rendering services.

Damp course injection

A damp-proof injection is a remedial damp proof course known as a (DPC).  This is predominately used to damp proof buildings where the original damp course has deteriorated over time or damaged.


Our water-proof tanking systems stop water and damp in its tracks.  Whether applied to internal walls, bathrooms, wet rooms, basements, cellars, external walls or if your existing slate damp course has failed/weathered at ground level, we can help with this issue.

ACO Style Drainage

If your property requires damp proofing that includes installing ACO style drainage, once we have resolved your damp issue, we can install a system that flows the water away from your property, effectively diverting the water that was the root cause of the problem.

Condensation Plan of Action

Condensation usually appears in properties during the winter months due to too much humidity or limited air circulation in rooms.  Without adequate ventilation to your property, you may experience condensation and mold on your walls.  We talk you through the options which may include installing an extractor fan or additional air bricks amongst others.

Why Choose Us?

Committed to serving both residential and commercial clients, we assure a swift and effective solution to your damp concerns.  We will visit your location, evaluate the property and devise a plan to address the issue.  If you possess a surveyor’s report, we can review it for you and provide guidance on the optimal steps to halt damp-related issues and prevent further damp problems in the future.

We advise on how to avoid damp issues as well as resolve damp issues.

Neglected damp has the potential to harm the structure of a building, its fixtures, and ultimately accelerate the deterioration of joinery and timbers.  Our damp specialists provide valuable guidance for pre-empting any damp concerns.  Recognising the widespread and enduring nature of damp issues, we emphasise the importance of swift actions once the cause has been established.

Contact us for a free damp survey on your property.   If you are looking to buy or sell a property, we perform these inspections on your behalf.  We will liaise with the property owner or estate agent and organise an inspection on your behalf.

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