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PRHenryBuilder is a leading provider of commercial and home refurbishment services in Chingford, E4.  Specialising in converting and refurbishing all types of Chingford Home Renovation and commercial properties, our highly skilled tradesmen are professional with exceptional track records.

As Builders in Chingford E4, we pride ourselves on the exemplary reviews received from our customers across all forms of social media.  We are regularly highly recommended on many Facebook pages and groups, click here to read some of our reviews.

Our team of true professionals offers a wide range of Local Building Services in Chingford E4.  To learn more about our services click here.  When you need a Local Builder in Chingford, we are here to help.

Areas we cover:

Based in London, we serve residential and commercial clients in Chingford and surrounding areas as far as Westminster.

We provide free advice on building and planning related issues and would be happy to discuss and inspect your draft or finalised drawings/plans prior to or after submission of your planning application.

Having worked with corporate construction firms offering residential building assistance, we have extensive experience with working on high-end properties across Hamstead, Westminster, Clapman Common and properties owned by Grosvenor to name but a few.  If you want to find a builder in Chingford, we can help.

If you are looking for a plasterer, plumber, electrician, tiler, bathroom or kitchen fitter, carpenter, Painter or any other form of trade, we employ exceptionally skilled craftsmen to make use of high-quality materials for every project.  If you want to find a builder in Chingford, you are in the right place.

• Home Refurbishments

If you are looking to fit a new or refurbish your existing bathroom or kitchen or you want to remove or build new brick or stud walls anywhere in your property, we can help.  If you are looking to plaster, add cornice or redecorate your bedrooms or any room throughout your property to a high-quality finish we have a team of home refurbishment specialists in Chingford to carry out the works to uncompromising quality.

Home Extensions

Our home extension services are designed to keep stress levels down as much as possible.  Whether you are looking to extend your loft or extend your ground levels, we keep mess and disruption to a minimum and leave each area clean and tidy every day.

• Loft Conversions

We have extensive experience in providing the best loft conversion services in Chingford to transform your unused space into a perfectly designed bedroom.

• Bathrooms

We provide a full rip and out replacement service including plumbing, electrics, replaster, tiling and fitting.  if there are only certain aspects of the bathroom you wish to update, we can work with you on how to achieve the best outcome.

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If you are planning to build a new home, or renovate one, it’s very important that you look for a reliable Contractor who will be able to meet your expectations.  With so many service providers out there, choosing the right one can prove to be difficult and challenging.  Fortunately, here are some tips to help you find the best Contractors in London.

1. Do Your Own Research

It worth your money and time to do your own research about the Contractor or building company before hiring their services.

Doing your own homework will enable you to find a service provider that will be able to deliver to your expectations.

Websites, online reviews and recommendations from people based in your local area can help you get some insight information about the Contractor.

Get to know about their background and you can also check some of their references.

2. Reputation

When looking for a Contractor, make a list of those with a positive reputation.

Request their previous customer referrals.

Reputable Contractors will readily direct your to their previous testimonials to highlight their services and the high-quality standards they are best known for.

3. Experience

Consider how long the Contractor has been working in the industry.

If the Contractor has many years of combined experience working with various types of homes (including the type of home you are looking to improve) they are probably the best choice for you.

Basically, when it comes to this industry, the Contractor’s experience matters a lot.

4. Insurance

A reputable Contractor will have Public Liability Insurance.   Check what coverage they provide to their clients and if the documents are valid.  A good builder should willingly give this information when requested as it boosts their reliability and reputation.

5. Service

Ensure the Contractor offers a prompt, effective resolution if something goes wrong.  They should also provide accurate and effective advice on how to maintain your home after any works have been carried out.

6. Cost of the Service

In London, different Contractors can charge very differently for their services depending on their experience.  If a Contractor has only been operating for 5 years, chances are that their finish is not as professional or polished as someone who has for example 20 years experience.  You are not just paying for the work, you are paying for the years of experience and the quality of the tools used.  An exceptional Contractor will have at least 20 years experience under his or her belt and this will be reflected in the quality of the works once completed.

It is good to have a budget, however you should try to realistic.  If you only have a budget of £5,000 and the works cost £10,000, if you squeeze the Contractor to bring the quote down, this will be reflected in the quality as corners would need to be cut somewhere to make it work.  It is therefore ideal to set your budget first before starting looking for a Contractor, getting a quote and then work out what you can afford to have carried out.

Lastly, by considering all these factors, finding the best Contractor who will help you obtain a quality finish to your project is quite easy and possible.  In the long term, there are many benefits that come from choosing the right Contractor, so choose wisely.

If you are looking to find a builder in Chingford, we can help.